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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A bouquet from Mom's garden

My camera's colors are all washed out. I took these photos in my mom's garden. She has a lot of plants but doesn't know all their names.

From top to bottom, left to right:
1. Some lavender-colored flower, I don't know its name but it seems to be some sort of woodruff.
2. Close-up of same flower.
3. Ixora coccinea, also called Flame of the Woods, which we prosaically call Santan.
4. Antigonon leptopus, or Coral vine, but I like our name for it better: Cadena de amor or Chain of Love.
5.A spider lily.
6. Some variety of what looks like Caladium bicolor; my mom just calls it "ornamental gabi."
7. Cycas revoluta, or the ornamental sago palm. My mom says this is almost as old as I am.
8. Some sort of white dendrobium. Mom keeps the family altar supplied with this.
9. Some sort of tiger orchids. Ditto.
10. A variety of codiaeum, or croton plant.
11. Oncidium flexuosum, or dancing ladies.
12. Pink hibiscus, or what my mom calls a "single" gumamela.
13. Peach hibiscus, or "double" gumamela because of its layered petals.


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